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Lars Ernster

Lars Ernster (; 4 May 1920 – 4 November 1998) was a professor of biochemistry, and a member of the Board of the Nobel Foundation


Lars Ernster was born in Hungary and came to Sweden 1946. He played a prominent role in the scientific community. He took his Ph.D. degree at the Stockholm University in 1956. Until 1967 he was the head of the division for Physiological Chemistry at the Wenner-Gren Institute ( Axel Wenner-Gren). From 1967 to 1986 he was a professor of biochemistry. He was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences from 1974. "The burning interest in science, the desire to get to the truth of the matter, the intense but courteous questioning and, above all, his charming and warm smile" as seen by a friend, colleague, fellow-European and competitor E.C. Slater. In Mitochondria and Microsomes (C.P. Lee, G. Schatz and G. Dallner, eds.) Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Reading, MA 1981


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  • Protoplasmatologia. Bd. 3. Cytoplasma - Organellen A. Chondriosomen, Mikrosomen, Sphaerosomen.?4. Lindburg, Olov, and Lars Ernster: Chemistry and physiology of mitochondria and microsomes - Springer (1953)

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