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Iron–sulfur cluster

Iron–sulfur clusters are molecular ensembles of iron and sulfide. They are most often discussed in the context of the biological role for iron-sulfur proteins, which are pervasive.S. J. Lippard, J. M. Berg “Principles of Bioinorganic Chemistry” University Science Books: Mill Valley, CA; 1994. . Many Fe-S clusters are known in the area of organometallic chemistry and as precursors to synthetic analogues of the biological clusters (see Figure).

Biomimetic clusters

The most well characterized clusters have the formula Fe4S4(SR)42-, which are known for many R substituents, and with many cations. Many variations have been prepared including the incomplete cubanes Fe3S4(SR)33-.

Organometallic clusters

Organometallic Fe-S clusters include the sulfido carbonyls with the formula Fe2S2(CO)6, H2Fe3S(CO)9, and Fe3S2(CO)9. Compounds are also known that incorporate cyclopentadienyl ligands, such as (C5H5)4Fe4S4.

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